Thursday, November 8, 2012


Well I dug out my sandblaster to see how it would do on the wheels. I forgot how you end up with sand in your hair and ears. I also remembered why you don't do your blasting in shorts and T-shirt.
I need to bring my compressor from the other house, the little one I borrowed from my dad won't keep up.
Either I am going to have to build a box to blast parts or go back to the wire wheel.

This is what the rim half that attaches to the tire looks like. It took a long time to clean up that little area. This area must collect water as it is quite pitted.

You can see the difference between the blasted and unblasted areas.

Even with a bunch of blasting it is hard to get this old paint off.

All blasting was done with actual sand as media, I wonder if a different media would work better?

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