Monday, October 8, 2012

Tire removal, what's back there anyway

I took the rear tire off last night. After putting on the puller it just came off by hand. Maybe I should have been ready for that to happen since the wheel nut was only hand tight. Everything looks to be in good condition with the brake pads looking pretty thick. It looks like it has been worked on as all the linkage pins have been replaced. The wheel only has 1 bolt holding it together but I have a can full of hub and rim bolts.

The spokes on this need some work. The brake drum looks to be in good condition.

Here you have your classic inside/outside brake setup. The outer band is the main brake, and the inner one is for the parking brake.

Here is something you don't see anymore, tires from Wards.

Here we have a pair of your classic vacuum fuel pumps. I don't think these will work for me because of how high my carbs are. I guess I will be looking for an electric fuel pump.
I had a suggestion to gut one and put the electric pump inside to keep the vintage look.
I think it is a better idea to sell them to fund a new fuel pump.

Here is what the previous owner had hanging in his garage. Perhaps this is what he envisioned for his final configuration.

My co-worker John said this is to "old" a look for my car and suggested a "boat tail" would be a better look. We'll see what the future brings, there is enough mechanical work to do before I start on the body.

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