Thursday, October 4, 2012

HO motor??

I was looking at the carbs that are mounted and discovered they are Ford model 59. Research revealed that they are a 2 bbl unit used on 46-48 flathead V8 engines. Imagine 4 bbl of carburation feeding a 4 cyl engine, how intense.

There was also a set of old pistons in the boxes I brought home. Could it be that new "high compression" pistons were installed?

Who knows maybe the compression has been boosted beyond the 4.5 to 1 that the factory offered to something more reasonable. What a thrill to have more than the factory 35 HP. Can you imagine the excitement of perhaps 40 neck snapping horsepower!!!

I'll have to pull the plug next and see if I can make any discoveries. Does anyone have any tricks to take pictures inside the chamber without a scope?


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